Covid-19 and Camping

By: Country Camping   |   08 Apr 2020
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Disclaimer: here at Country Camping, we always recommend following the regulations set out by our lawmakers and governments regarding the health and safety of our community. This post suggests tips for spending time outdoors this summer only if Covid-19 quarantine measures are lifted and it is deemed safe to do so by the authorities.

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, and it’s worth acknowledging that many of the things we are accustomed to have changed in the blink of an eye. With people being asked to stay at home and take self-isolation precautions, many people have questions about what their spring and summer plans will look like: “Will I still be able to travel?” “Can I still set my sights on that summer RV camping trip?” “How will I continue to keep the kids occupied after months off from school?” It’s possible that airline travel may continue to be restricted through the remainder of the year, but we are optimistic that heading into the BC wilderness in your self-contained RV remains a real possibility! So long as you take the necessary precautions, and abide by the recommendations of local governments, a summer of self-isolation in your camper, trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel might still be in the cards - and at Country Camping in Salmon Arm, BC, we are here to help!

RV Models and Features for Long Trips

Camping this year might look different than simply parking the trailer at an RV park and driving up each weekend. You may need to prepare to spend more time on the road and be completely self-contained, which means giving up some of the creature comforts that most RV parks provide. If you’re looking to purchase a new unit or trade in your current RV, consider a model with features that will help you live inside comfortably for long stretches of time. Things like an indoor or outdoor shower stall, adequate kitchen space, comfortable beds, additional living space and an awning so that you can sprawl out into the wilderness will help create a cozy and liveable RV environment for the long term. Some of our popular brands, such as Forest River, Coleman, and Kodiak feature lightweight and affordable units with plentiful space and amenities.

There are a host of additional accessories and supplies to consider when you’re spending long periods of time isolated in an RV. Our team of camping experts recommends a fully stocked emergency kit, extra blankets and clothing for a variety of weather, a portable BBQ, outdoor seating set, puzzles and board games, and portable electronics with charging options. RV solar panels are also an excellent way to help make sure you have access to power no matter how isolated in the British Columbia mountains you are.


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How Long Can I Stay in Isolation in my RV?

Many folks can happily spend weeks or even months isolated inside of a well-equipped RV! Logistically, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind when you’re planning out just how long you can stay off the grid:

You’ll need to refill your blue freshwater tanks regularly, which can be done easily from a freshwater hookup. The average rule of thumb for how long your tank will hold water is about two weeks, though it might be less (or more!) depending on the size of your tank and how careful you are with water usage.

You’ll need to safely dispose of your grey (dirty water from the shower or sink) and black (human waste) tanks regularly. Again, how long you can go between disposal depends on your usage, but they’ll more than likely be getting full every 1-2 weeks. Your RV guide will have unit-specific recommendations for filling your freshwater tank and disposing of grey and black tanks.

Replenishing food supplies will eventually be necessary, but you can extend the life of your provisions by storing plenty of pantry staples like beans and rice, non-perishable cans of food, and even growing herbs near a kitchen window.

Let’s be honest - having adequate space for everybody on board will help you stay sane during long trips together, and increase the length of time you can stay isolated away from others. Be realistic about the space each member of the family will need, and if you’re ever in doubt then splurge for the few extra square metres!

Our world has entered uncharted territory, and we know that folks from Salmon Arm and across the Shuswaps will have plenty of questions about how to move forward with RV camping when the time is right. That’s why the Country Camping team is here to help make suggestions about trailers, campers, fifth wheels, motorhomes and camping accessories that will work for your specific needs. Feel free to browse our inventory of RV brands and schedule a viewing when you’re ready to talk about your options!

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