Everything You Need to Know About QuietKat E-Bikes

By: Country Camping RV   |   25 Apr 2022
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At Country Camping RV, we’re big on promoting a healthy love of the outdoors. That’s why beyond carrying Salmon Arm’s best variety of trailers and campers, we are also purveyors of an exciting lineup of outdoor leisure products. From our Radinn Electric Jetboards (you have to check these out) to our Mammoth Decks for transporting your ATVs and UTVs to our Cub Cadet lawnmowers, we’re proud to supply the West Coast with gear that’s built for enjoying all that beautiful British Columbia has to offer.

In this article, we’re highlighting one of our newest outdoor-adventure products by answering your five most common questions about our QuietKat electric bikes. These e-bikes are fast, fun, functional, and exclusively available in the Salmon Arm area right here at Country Camping RV. Let’s hit the throttle on our electric-bike FAQ!

  1. Can E-Bikes Be Used in the Rain?

Here in the Shuswaps, folks have concerns about using, well, just about everything in the rain! Don’t be deterred by some drizzly weather - QuietKat bikes are totally safe for use in wet conditions. They are designed with waterproof features that protect your bike’s electric components, so you can keep motoring rain or shine.

  1. What’s the Best E-Bike to Buy?

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We wouldn’t have started carrying the QuietKat brand if we didn’t think they are some of the best e-bikes available. QuietKat bikes are made with durability and reliability in mind, so you can concentrate on the task at hand and not whether your e-bike is up to the challenge. Our current inventory includes the Jeep, Apex, Ranger, and Warrior e-bikes - all boasting unique specs to meet your needs and lifestyle.

At the end of the day, the best e-bike to buy is the one that can meet your demands. Whether you’re prioritizing off-roading adventures or something more functional for hunting trips or getting chores done on a large property, we have something for everyone.


  1. Do E-Bikes Move Without Pedalling?

You’ll still need to pedal your QuietKat electric bike when going up steep hills, but it won’t feel very difficult at all. Most people like to pedal their e-bikes because it feels intuitive (like riding a bike, right?!) and because it gives you extra speed while preserving the battery. But your e-bike is capable of moving on its own using the handlebar throttle, so if you need a break you can just sit back and relax.

… and how fast do they go?

Your e-bike can muster some serious speed when you need it to - anywhere from 30 to 48 km/hr. To hit top speeds, you’ll need to be pedalling the bike while also using the throttle. Vroom, vroom! You can learn more about electric bike regulations in British Columbia on the QuietKat website.

  1. Are E-Bikes Good for the Mountains?

There are many types of e-bikes out there. In urban areas, many people use e-bikes that look virtually identical to typical city bicycles - you can even rent them from public bike share locations. These bikes can be used by couriers, commuters, or folks who need to cover a decent amount of distance but appreciate some assistance, and are usually an e-bike hybrid - meaning there is a capable motor but you’ll also need to put some effort into pedalling the bike.

QuietKat bikes can certainly do all of these things but also come with additional features that make them suitable for off-road adventures, including a more powerful motor than other e-bikes, unique frame geometry for improved durability, and rugged off-road tires.

  1. What is the Purpose of an E-Bike?

The sky is the limit when it comes to electric bikes. Some people love them for getting around town running errands, while others haul them across BC behind their RVs with the intention of exploring our rugged province. There are also plenty of people here in the Shuswaps and surrounding areas who rely on their electric bikes to transport them quietly through the wilderness on hunting trips, or for general errands around big properties or farms. And sometimes, it’s just plain ol’ fun to own and ride an e-bike!

Find an Electric Bike You Love at Country Camping RV & Leisure Products

Don’t go to some superstore where the inventory is limited, or the staff doesn’t have a good understanding of their products. At Country Camping, you’re working with professionals who not only thrive in the great outdoors but also have a deep understanding of the RVs and recreational products we carry here at our friendly RV dealership in Salmon Arm, BC. Take a look through our QuietKat e-bike inventory, fill out an online contact form, or simply come pay us a visit to learn more about our RVs and leisure products today!

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