How Radinn Jetboards Are Making Waves This Season

By: Country Camping RV   |   30 May 2022

In case you haven't heard, jet boarding is all the rage these days. If you've caught a few waves in your day you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges of surfing is finding the sweet spot that lies within the perfect tide, wind, and weather condition. Thankfully, the invention of motorized surfboards and jetboards removes the need for incessant paddling or battling choppy, messy whitewash.  Rather than waiting around for Mother Nature to soak up the fun, jetboards let you make your own waves and surf on your own terms. Because jetboards are powered by their own jet engine, you can cruise along virtually any kind of body of water including lakes, rivers, and even flat oceans! Swedish company, Radinn is dominating this segment with electric boards that you can take anywhere from the beach to icy fjords. Let’s take a deeper dive into Radinn’s trending jetboards that everyone is dying to get their hands on!

Swedish Surf’s Up

Raddin’s boards are universal devices that will appeal to both beginners and advanced riders. They can be used both for long, measured walks and for fast, active driving. The boards include simple, intuitive controls, carried out using a wireless waterproof remote control, attached to the pilot's hand. The maximum speed in the standard configuration goes up to 56 km/h depending on the model. For acceleration to the mark of 40 km/h, the device needs only 8.9 seconds. With a G3 Pro engine, it only takes 3 seconds. In this case, the maximum weight of the pilot can reach 130 kg.

High-tech models like the G2X board boast an ultra-quiet, brushless, electric motor capable of pushing 36 miles per hour. Even for avid surfers, that’s pretty darn fast over open water. It’s controlled via a waterproof, wireless, handheld remote that puts full control of the board exactly where the rider needs it. The remote allows the rider to easily fine-tune their preferred speed, and a series of LED indicators display the remaining juice left in the battery pack. The standard swappable battery is good for 25 minutes of riding, and the intelligent remote vibrates when the pack gets low. So, you’ll have plenty of time to head back to shore before getting stranded.

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Electric Surfboards are the newest watersport phenomenon. Raddin’s e-surfboards are one of the most revered in the industry and give you the opportunity to feel a rush that’s never been explored before. With a much easier form of travelling on water at high speeds, compared to windsurfing or water skiing, you can finally race on water at ease!

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