Product Spotlight: Coast Spas Hot Tubs

By: Country Camping RV   |   30 Nov 2022

When It comes to elevating your space, one upgrade that will never disappoint is a hot tub installation. Coast Spas’s collection of hot tubs is a great option if you want to turn your home or cottage into a luxurious spa oasis. As a leader in the spa and wellness industry, Coast Spas has been manufacturing superior hot tubs for over 15 years. With innovative technologies and premium materials, Coast Spa’s hot tubs are engineered to maximize relaxation and rejuvenation, making wellness accessible right in your own home. Not to mention, they’re all made with love here in Canada. As a proud retailer of the brand, Country Camping is here to tell you just why you need this instrument of relaxation in your life.

History of the Brand

Coast Spas was established in 1997, building spas that supported one single retail store in British Columbia, Canada. The founders of Coast Spas, who owned the retail store for several years prior, were unhappy with the level of spa quality and options from their supplier and wanted to provide a superior hot tub. At the time, there were very few options available for different spa brands, so they bought a factory and started building their own hot tubs. Since that time, Coast Spas has continued innovating and building better hot tubs that hold up to extreme Canadian temperatures. Coast Spas now has independent retail outlets around the world, numerous patents and a skilled team that know exactly how to build the World's Best Build Spas.

Why Coast Spas?

Coast Spas has made it their mission to make all the wellness benefits of spas accessible to everyday people. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars in booking appointments at the day spa, Coast Spas lets you find relaxation right in your own backyard (literally). They’re also endlessly innovating and updating the product in an effort to make the very best spas available that are equipped with the latest technology and take advantage of advances in the materials used to make the hot tubs strong enough to last a lifetime. Earning the title “World’s Best Built Spas,” the brand rigorously tests its products, ensuring high quality and long-lasting, reliable performance thanks to durable shells and unparalleled filtration.

Benefits of Owning a Coast Spas Hot Tub

There are many health and wellness benefits of owning a hot tub from Coast Spa. Aside from finally being able to spend more time outside in the fresh air and enjoy quality time with your friends and family, here are just a few health benefits you can expect through the impact of hot water hydrotherapy:

  •  Arthritis Relief
  •  Improves Sleep
  •  Removes Toxins from the Body
  •  Reduces Stress
  •  Improves Cardiovascular Health
  •  Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes
  •  Reduce Headaches
  •  Increase Fitness Level
  •  Extend Personal Independence
  •  Ease Muscle Pains

Bring Wellness Home With Country Camping RV

We’re proud to be a Verified Coast Spas Retailer and eager to help our customers from Salmon Arm, the Shuswaps, and across the Okanaganbring relaxation and wellness in their own homes. Contact us today to learn more about Coast Spas hot tubs or any of our other leisure products!



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