Everything You Need to Know About RVing with Pets

By: Country Camping RV   |   23 Jan 2023

We get it, for families getting ready to embark upon an RV adventure throughout southern BC, the idea of taking off without your furry friend is out of the question. But how easy is it to travel cross-country with man’s best friend? There are actually a lot of factors you’ll need to consider and a few rules you’ll have to abide by. Thankfully, the team here at Country Camping is here to help! Let’s get into everything you need to know about RVing with your pets!

  • Take things slow. When you introduce your pet to the RV, start slow and use a lot of treats. Some pets might be unsure of this new contraption, so encourage them to sniff around outside using treats to build their confidence. Then put a few treats on the stairs, open the door, and toss some treats inside. Practice this for a few days and eventually start offering meals nearby the RV. Meal times are a great way to create familiarity.
  • Keep your pet’s information with you at all times. If you’re going to travel with your pet be sure to either chip them or give them a proper ID tag in case they get lost. Additionally, international borders require proper documentation. That could include licenses and vaccination records for all animals on board and sometimes even proof of ownership.
  • Always buckle up. Your RV will feel like a home, so holding your cat on your lap or letting your pup roam around while you’re driving may seem natural. In reality, this can be extremely dangerous for your pet, your passengers, and the driver. Pets should always ride in the same vehicle as you – not inside a camper you’re towing – and be buckled up in a crash-tested seat belt harness or a carrier that’s been secured in place. 
  • Bring something familiar. There is just something familiar with the smells of home. Whether it’s a blanket, their bed, or a chew toy, a personal item on hand from home on-hand can help keep your pet at ease while on the road.
  • Try to maintain a routine. Animals are creatures of habit, so it’s important to try to bring their home routine into your RV. The plus side of travelling in a home on wheels is that they will have all their comforts nearby but can explore new places outside during the day. Try to maintain their walking schedule and bathroom breaks. Be sure to also feed them at their regular meal times if you have them!

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