5 Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

By: Country Camping RV   |   25 Apr 2023

With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, Salmon Arm residents are finally seeing the opportunity to spruce up their lawns. Whether you’d like to touch up your own backyard or haven't tended to your cottage all winter, mowing your lawn can make all the difference in your home’s outer appearance. Unfortunately, many homeowners make careless and simple mistakes that can negatively impact the growth and appearance of their lawns. With the help of Cub Cadet Law Mowers, we’ve compiled a few common lawn-mowing mistakes that are easily avoidable this summer!

1.    Mowing a Wet Lawn

For a clean cut every time, you’ll want to ensure your lawn is completely dry before cutting. This will prevent damage from the mower as well as wet grass clogging your blades and deck. In the same vein, you should try to avoid the peak heat of the day too. While this time might be dry, the sun can be damaging to newly cut blades of grass. Aim for an early evening cut if you can.

2.    Not Sharpening the Blades

Cub Cadet lawn mowers are designed with exceptionally sharp blades for optimal lawn cuts. But over time is important to ensure the blades get sharpened for increased precision. Not only will dull blades tear up your grass, but over time they can also leave your lawn vulnerable to disease and insects and reduce the overall health of your grass. Sharpening your blades once a year and regularly washing your mower can help keep your lawn and your mower healthy.

3.    Cutting Too Short

When you begin using a Cub Cadet lawn mower, you’ll find its power to be a bit overwhelming which can inadvertently cause owners to cut their lawns too short if not careful. When you cut your lawn too short, you end up leaving too little of the grass blade to ensure the plant gets enough nutrition. Remember the one-third rule: Never cut off more than one-third of the grass length in any one mow. If you have fallen behind on mowing, do not be tempted to catch up by mowing it all at once.

4.    Mowing in the Same Pattern

Although there isn’t a specific pattern to follow while mowing, it’s important to avoid using the same pattern. Mowing in the same pattern or direction will cause the grass to lean toward one side, much like carpet in a room. As a result, this tilt of the grass can hinder its growth. For a more lustrous lawn, consider switching it up.

5.    Running the Mower at Half Speed

If you've invested in a quality lawn mower like Cub Cadet, there's no reason not to use it to its full potential. Even their best small lawnmowers possess powerful credentials, so there's no need to go at a snail's pace. Some people mistakenly believe that cutting at full speed damages the mower’s engine and shortens its life, but the truth is all mowers have been created at full speed for a reason – it’s best to use it!

If you’ve been having issues with your lawn grooming, considering these common mistakes is likely to make all the difference! Thinking of investing in a quality lawn mower that’s built to last? Browse our current inventory of Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers at Country Camping RV today! Your cottage or home lawn will thank you!

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