The Benefits of Year-Round Hot Tubbing: Winter Wonders and Summer Soaks

By: Country Camping RV   |   27 Aug 2023

With summer in Salmon Arm coming to a close, what better way to keep the good times rolling than with your very own hot tub? Hot tubs are not only fun for the summer months but can be great for heating things up during the colder ones as well. From health benefits to temperature modifications to nighttime relaxation, Country Camping is here to help you get acquainted with the benefits of year-round hot-tubbing.

Summertime Soaks

Get the most out of your summer, whether you’re trying to cool down or just relax.

Turn down the heat. During the hot summer months, a hot tub might seem a little too warm for comfort. But by simply adjusting the temperature settings or turning the heating system off completely, you can convert your hot tub into a plunge pool when the sun is high in the sky. Be sure to keep the lid on the hot tub if you want to ensure temperatures are low so that you don’t give the sun the chance to heat it up.

Regulate your body temperature. When it’s cold, you might enjoy the warming, massaging effects of the hot tub, but when it’s warm, it can easily function as a compact pool in which to cool off. Once you’ve adjusted the temperature, you can take to the water in order to keep your core temp down.

Hot & cold water therapy. Alternating between hot and cold water temperatures has numerous benefits, many of them backed by science. Hot and cold water therapy can stimulate your body systems, activate blood circulation and raise heart rate. It can also boost the immune system, fire up the lymphatic system, reduce swelling and inflammation, and relieve muscle soreness. Simply soak up in the hot top and follow up with a quick cold shower.

Nightime soaks. If you find the heat of the day a little uncomfortable in your hot tub, then opt for an evening or nighttime dip instead. Temperatures can drop significantly after dark during the summer months, and at the end of a hot and sticky day, sometimes a warm soak is exactly what the doctor ordered. Turn the heat on the tub up and enjoy a cozy dip looking up at the stars.

Winter Warmers

Enjoy the great outdoors, even in sub-zero temperatures, with a hot, steamy soak during the winter months.

Escape the cold. Enjoy the crisp winter air without the extra layers or freezing your butt off by soaking it up in your hot tub. You can relax in the warm water while enjoying the view of the snow falling during a starry night and not have to worry about shivering in the cold.

Health benefits. Winter is the best time to enjoy your hot tub for your health. It’s no secret that aches, pains, and muscle tension bother us even more during winter. When we're cold, we're more likely to pull a muscle. Spending some quality time in your hot spa can help ease those pains and release tension. 

Exercise. In winter, it’s much easier to stay in, hibernate, and reduce activity levels since it’s often too cold and slippery to be active outdoors. But with a hot tub in your backyard, you can still get the exercise you need to stay healthy and in shape all winter long. Consider water aerobics and callisthenics in your hot tub for a low-impact workout at any time.

Regulate your body temperature. Much like in the summer months, winter hot tubbing is great for regulating your body temperature. After you've been in the tub a while, your core temperature is raised, which is especially helpful for the short walk from the tub to your house. Just grab a warm robe to put on after you towel down a bit. Once you're back in the house, you'll still be warm and cozy.

Test Out a Coast Spas Hot Tub at Country Camping RV!

No matter the weather, getting into your hot tub will always be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Whether for your home or cottage, Coast Spa Hot Tubs offers a range of hot tubs and jacuzzies designed with innovative technologies and premium materials to maximize comfort and rejuvenation.

As a proud retailer of a range of Coast Spas hot tubs, Country Camping RV can help you find the perfect hot tub for your home or cottage for year-round relaxation. Contact us today to browse our inventory or learn more about the benefits of owning a Coast Spas Hot Tub!


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